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2016 SA Blog Awards – Vote for Worried Wanderer

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The best news ever! Worried Wanderer is in the 2016 South African Blog Awards. Public voting has just opened up and will run from 28 November until 31 December. If you would like to cast your vote, just click on the SA Blog Award badge on the Home Page.

How to vote for Worried Wanderer in 2016 SA Blog Awards.

2016 SA Blog Awards Instructions

Here’s some info about the awards. To find out more visit –

About the SA Blog Awards

The SA Blog Awards is the official showcase and recognition platform for the very best of South African blogs.

We endeavour to bring South African bloggers to the forefront of peoples attention, both locally and internationally, increasing exposure for South Africa’s great bloggers.

Through the recognition process of current SA Bloggers and the publicity created around the awards, blogs and bloggers, we look to encourage people who are outside the realm of blogging to start their own blogs and discover the fantastic world of blogging.

The SA Blog Awards has evolved through a process of public opinion, blogger opinion and social media expert’s opinion.

Why Public Participation?

The process of understanding the best format for the SA Blog Awards is always difficult. The blogosphere has evolved greatly over the past few years. Every year we see new blogs and new content. In order for the SA Blog Awards to evolve along with the bloggers we go to great lengths to understand the blogging environment. The public participation process is one of the most important measures we have. Since 2011 we asked the public and the bloggers to participate in this research.

The overwhelming opinion is for the SA Blogs to be recognised through a process of public votes and judges votes.

The SA Blog Awards has taken this into consideration and delivers a recognition process which is in alignment with this research.

We will continue to listen to the bloggers and the public in order to constantly evaluate and evolve along with opinion.

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