About me


Name: Jade Gower
Birth Date: 22 December 1986
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (Boom! And they said it would never happen.)
Star Sign: Capricorn

Carefree. Adventurous. Daring. Unpredictable. Exciting.

Just a few words NO ONE would use to describe me. I’m the one that’ll remind you to pack a first aid kit, print two copies of your boarding pass and make sure your liquids are sealed in transparent bags. The one who will take control, plan the itinerary, make the bookings and double check the details.

The Control Freak who doesn’t trust you to do it right.

The Negative One that has a plan B, C and D – just in case.

Yup, that’s more me…

I’ve been travelling since I was 18 years old when my mother took me on my first skiing trip to Slovakia. The travel bug bit, and since then I’ve craved international travel.

And So Worried Wanderer Was Born

At the age of 28, I decided I wanted more from life. I wanted to explore the world. Now I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not very adventurous. I like what I like, and on the rare occasions I try something new, I usually regret it. But I wanted to change that. I wanted to push myself.

My husband and I discussed the idea of traveling for an extended period of time and with a small amount of bribery, he was on board.  And since he’s a massive influence in my life, I should probably tell you a bit more about him.

He’s carefree, adventurous, daring (unless it involves heights or confined spaces), unpredictable and exciting. Or at least he’s open to being all these things! He quit his job, started a new business, eats strange food, likes to experience new things and never seems to have a care in the world. I hate him sometimes!

Together we have decided to do the scariest thing I could imagine… We left everything behind – family, friends, and material possessions – and headed to Central America. Exploring Nicaragua and Costa Rica has kept us busy over the past year, but we’re back on the road looking for the next adventure.

I’m shitting myself.

Join me on my neurotic travels…I plan to broaden my horizons and just let go – just a little.