Bangkok & Krabi Island Photo Diary

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Thailand is a popular tourist destination. Whether you’re there for the beautiful beaches, affordable nightlife or laid back atmosphere, you’re bound to have a good time. Below is a look back at our time exploring Bangkok and Krabi Island.

Bangkok Shire
Tyrone and I posing in front of an outdoor spirit house in Bangkok. You’ll find these outside almost every house and building.
Bangkok Shrine Night
Spirit houses are set atop a pedestal and placed in an auspicious location, which allows residents, workers and others to offer prayers and small gifts to appease spirits, represented by doll-sized human figures, or perhaps a small figurine of Buddha.
Bangkok fish pedicure
You gotta get a fish pedicure when you visit Thailand! These little buggers eat all the dead and hardened skin off your tootsies. Be warned, it’s ticklish.

Bangkok Temple
Mini Angkor Wat found in the Grand Palace temple complex.

Bangkok statue

Bangkok houses on the water

Bangkok temple on water
Wat Arun, located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. It is easily one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok, not only because of its riverside location, but also because the design is very different to the other temples you can visit in Bangkok.
Bangkok night time cruise
And here’s the Wat Arun at night…
Bangkok Tuktuk
My very first Tuk Tuk ride.
Krabi ocean
Low tide at a nearby beach on Krabi Island.
Krabi Island Iconic Pic
Crystal blue waters were breathtaking.
Ocean and Krabi Island
Riding a boat to a nearby island for some snorkeling fun.
Blue seas Krabi Island
Much of the province has been given over to several national parks. and the Krabi province includes over 80 smaller islands.
Hot Springs Krabi Island
Namtok Ron (Hot Spring Waterfall ) – Khlong Thom. These waters get really warm.
Hot springs water
The jungle atmosphere of the Namtok Ron.
Monks bells Krabi
The Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as Monkey Temple! Only 365 steps to the top… Ahhhh!
Worried Wanderer Pose
We did it! The end of our 365 steps.
Krabi Island View
Check out the view from atop the Monkey Temple.
White Water Rafting Krabi
My first white water rafting experience… A few of the river as we made our way to the starting point.
4x4 Rides Krabi
4×4 adventures in Krabi… As you can tell, I’m having a ton of fun!

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