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Our Disaster Holiday In Mozambique

Worried Wanderer

Let me tell you a little story about my first international holiday with Tyrone. We had only been seeing each other for about a year, and we decided to spend a week away in Mozambique.

I had it all planned out. I found the perfect accommodation. It was near Barra Beach Resort and Flamingo Bay Water Lodge, in Inhambane. When the tide rises, we’re cut off from the nearby resorts. It was our own private island.

If, by private island, I meant hell hole!

Our Accomodation

The units were self-catering chalets equipped with a small gas stove. There was no TV, microwave or simple luxuries. We didn’t even have a fridge. The owners had mentioned that it had broken down before we arrived and they were working on getting us another fridge. We never got it.

The weather seemed to match my mood, with continuous rain for the first 5 days. There was one day of sunlight, but we couldn’t really enjoy time on the beach because of the gale force winds. I kid you not, I spent a good 10 minutes sprinting across the beach trying to catch our umbrella.

Our nights were spent playing solitaire and reading, while it poured down. There was no way we could visit nearby restaurants and bars because our cute little private island made it impossible.

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