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A Traditional Japanese Shinto Wedding

Worried Wanderer

No matter where you get married, it’s always a daunting experience filled with months of planning and even more spending. But combining two families from completely different cultures and countries, adds a whole new dimension. My brother jumped in the deep end when he announced he was getting married in Japan.

Here’s a little bit about his Shinto Wedding Ceremony!

My brother has been obsessed with all things Asian ever since he was a small boy. It started with growing bonsai, but snowballed into leaving South Africa to teach English in Thailand before settling down in Japan.

He’s been living in Yamanashi, a small farming town about 4 hours outside of Tokyo, for the past 3 years teaching English to kindergarten students. It was in this small town that he met his girlfriend, Miyuki, and on the 23 April 2017 he took the plunge and got married.

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