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Teaching English In South Korea

Worried Wanderer


Name: Lloyd Meikle
From: Botley, Southampton, United Kingdom
Lives In: Suwon, South Korea
About: Adult English Teacher and Founder of Next Stop Native.

Teaching English in South Korea can be a daunting experience. Lloyd Meikle, founder of Next Stop Native, an online English teaching platform, gives his advice to help prepare future teachers.

1. Why did you decide to teach English in South Korea?

About mid-way through my final year of university I started to work out my game plan for post graduation life. Asia has always fascinated me, specifically Japan. When I started talking to people who had or were considering moving to this part, the idea immediately attracted me.

As you will hear from many a teacher in Korea, Japan was often the initial idea, but after researching it becomes clear that Korea is overall the best deal. In terms of remuneration, cost of living, and other factors, Korea always wins.

What started off as a 1 to 2 year endeavor snowballed into 6 years in the blink of an eye and a different career path.

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