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Bangkok & Krabi Island Photo Diary

Worried Wanderer

Thailand is a popular tourist destination. Whether you’re there for the beautiful beaches, affordable nightlife or laid back atmosphere, you’re bound to have a good time. Below is a look back at our time exploring Bangkok and Krabi Island.

Bangkok Shire
Tyrone and I posing in front of an outdoor spirit house in Bangkok. You’ll find these outside almost every house and building.
Bangkok Shrine Night
Spirit houses are set atop a pedestal and placed in an auspicious location, which allows residents, workers and others to offer prayers and small gifts to appease spirits, represented by doll-sized human figures, or perhaps a small figurine of Buddha.
Bangkok fish pedicure
You gotta get a fish pedicure when you visit Thailand! These little buggers eat all the dead and hardened skin off your tootsies. Be warned, it’s ticklish.
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