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One Day In Half Moon Cay Beach

One Day In Half Moon Cay

Worried Wanderer

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be spending the day lazing by the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. But that’s exactly where we were. We were spending one day in Half Moon Cay.

I don’t think my mind was ready for the beauty of the Bahamas. In fact at one point I stopped, turned to Tyrone, and said “This isn’t real”.

I couldn’t believe it.

What To Do With Only One Day In Half Moon Cay

This little island is owned by the Holland America Cruise Line and it’s used as one of their first stops for passengers enjoying a Caribbean Cruise. Spanning only 10 square kilometers, you’re able to explore the whole island in a matter of hours. But despite its size, there’s a variety of activities available.

We had opted for the Eco Lagoon Kayak Adventure – its 1400 acres of protected habitat that we get to explore with an island guide. But unfortunately, we had just sailed through some incredibly stormy seas and strong winds, so for safety reasons this particular activity was cancelled.

We were a little disappointed, but that faded pretty quickly as I stepped onto the island. It’s EXACTLY what you would expect – soft white sandy beaches, azure skies and calm warm water. It’s so perfect, it’s almost unbelievable.

Tyrone and I decided to enjoy the day and rather than do any specific activities we were going to explore the island, snorkel the reef nearby and work on our tan.

When Holland America Line purchased the island (for the measly sum of $6 million) they had intended to keep most of it as a protected wildlife sanctuary. As a result, only 2% of the island has been developed. It’s simply magical.

Our Experience

Now certain parts of the beach can get pretty crowded with guests from the cruise ship, but we simply moved along the beach and set up our chairs in a quieter spot.  Just a couple hundred meters away there was a small ranch for those looking do some horseback riding, and in the opposite direction the Pirate Ship Bar for all our cocktail needs.

After working our way towards sunstroke, we decided to snorkel out to the artificial reef and while we couldn’t see much fish, we did manage to catch a glimpse of an awesome turtle. If you’re looking to really get adventurous, they offer a Stingray Adventure where you can swim with the stingrays a little further out.

Of course, other activities include bicycle tours, glass bottom boat rides, nature walks or simply enjoying a luxury cabana. There’s also the small Island Straw Market for any souvenirs or basic products like sunscreen, hats and towels.

All in all, I absolutely loved my one day in Half Moon Cay. The best part is that it didn’t cost a fortune!

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