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Cheese Festival Time!

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Cheese, cheese and more cheese… Tyrone was in heaven this past weekend! We travelled to a small cheese festival just outside of Cartago.

Usually the cheese festival is held in Turrialba, but because the volcano in the area has been acting up, they moved the festival to Cartago (which was once the capital of Costa Rica back in the day). It’s about an hour bus trip from San Jose, so we got an early start leaving at 9am. We were hoping to miss any afternoon showers, but it had been raining since about 7am that morning… So much for that idea!

Tasty Treats At The Cheese Festival

Together with Anna, an English teacher from the USA, her husband Pablo and his family, we got to try out different cheeses, homemade ice-cream and some local food.

This is Anna, Pablo and his family (mom and bro).
This is Anna, Pablo and his family (mom and bro).
You could walk around an try out all the different cheeses!
You could walk around and try out all the different cheeses!
We made sure we tried EVERYTHING!
We made sure we tried EVERYTHING!
Here's Tyrone stuffing his face!
Here’s Tyrone stuffing his face!

Eventually after round 1 of tasting we decided to grab some lunch at the cheese festival. Tyrone settled for a tortilla de queso (cheese tortilla) and I had something similar but made with corn instead… Judging by the picture, it may have been a tad overcooked. Nevertheless, everything tastes better covered in sour cream!

Lunch anyone?
Lunch anyone?

Then it was time for round 2… Tyrone decided to get a tub of caramel covered cheese, while I opted for some chili cheese. By this stage, the cheese festival was filling up nicely!

Everybody loves cheese...
Everybody loves cheese…

Cutting The Cheese

We were all waiting for the main attraction – the cutting of the second largest cheese in Costa Rica. Weighing in at over 150kgs, it was biiiiiig.

Here it is... The second largest cheese in Costa Rica!
Here it is… The second largest cheese in Costa Rica!

The largest cheese would be cut the following weekend… It was a fantastic day out and certainly a great festival for any cheese lovers. If you cant make it to a festival of this scale, I would recommend visiting local ferias and other small cheese shops spread throughout the country. There’s some great cheese if you can find it.

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