Why We Chose Nicaragua

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Nicaragua FlagInitially the idea was to head to Belize. We had it all planned out… We’d sell all our material possessions, buy a plane ticket and jump head first into the unknown.

Turns out the value of said material possessions didn’t really amount to much. At the beginning of the year, we’d managed to sell all major items – car, TV, fridge, microwave etc… and we only had around $4 000 (R50 000).

Because the Belize Dollar is pegged to the American Dollar at a ratio of 2:1, we couldn’t really get much with our meager savings. After a few quick internet searches, it seemed as though the average weekly accommodation would cost more or less $750. Sure you could get cheaper, but I tend to like accommodation that’s clean and doesn’t include a shared bathroom. So I started to panic, as I do… I did not quit my job and sell all my possessions so I could have a month long holiday. Our money needed to stretch a bit further! We needed a plan B.

Why We Chose Nicaragua

Nicaragua seemed perfect…

We don’t need a visa – South Africans will receive a 3 month tourist visa upon arrival. That visa could then be extended for an additional 3 months, before we would be required to leave the country.

Hugging the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean on the east, Nicaragua has some beautiful beaches. It’s got gorgeous colonial towns, and offers a variety of activities from hiking and swimming to skiing down the sides of volcanoes.

Bang for your buck

Doing a quick searches on the cost of living in Nicaragua was also a pleasant surprise. In fact we’ve managed to rent a fully furnished apartment for one month and it’s only costing $350 (around R4 200). That’s for a whole MONTH!

The country sounded perfect!

That basically sums up why we chose Nicaragua… It took about 2 hours for us to make a decision. And if Tyrone needed a bit more convincing, I just showed him pictures of the women – he was sold.

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