Exploring Playa Maderas

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It was our one year anniversary on Sunday, and we thought we would take the opportunity to explore the San Juan Del Sur and the surrounding areas a bit more. A nearby hostel offered trips to Playa Maderas for only $5 per person.

The beach town is about 10km away, but it involves driving along a dirt road. Depending on the road’s condition, it’ll take about 30min to get there. If you’re planning on renting a car, I would advise that you go for 4×4, although we did see many sedans driving by.

Alternatively you can hop on any shuttle from San Juan Del Sur. They offer trips daily.


Blissful Beach Time at Playa Maderas

Playa Maderas is a great surf spot year road. Although it does attract any surfers, it’s not overly crowded. We decided to walk along the beach to find our own little private piece of heaven. It was great!

We moved away from the restaurants, climbed a few rock and before we knew it we has stumbled upon Playa Majagual. For two hours we sipped on beer, had a little dip in the ocean and generally enjoyed the day.

I wouldn’t really recommend this beach for swimming. The currents were incredibly strong, but if you’re looking for a quick dip to cool off, it’s perfect.



The Tide Is Rising

But, like most of our experiences here, things took a bit of turn. Before we knew it, the water was rising and our little pathway back to Playa Maderas was gone. No worries, rather than risking our lives along the rocks on the beach, we would find the gravel road and simply walk back to Playa Maderas.

We went searching for the main road… I don’t know what it is about Nicaragua, but it’s like we’re destined to walk FOREVER no matter what we choose to do.

9km later we were back!


When we got back to our apartment, I just wanted to sit down and never move my feet again.

Forget missing chocolate, or home cooked meals. What I really miss is a CAR!

Here are a few other pics from our walk around San Juan Del Sur:




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