A Day Trip To Huehuete

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Since we arrived in Nicaragua, everyone has told us about the amazing beach at Huehuete – a small fishing village nearby.  We decided to catch a lift into the town, spend the day on the beach and enjoy some lunch at one of the nearby restaurants.  With the beach bag packed and 500Cordobas we headed out…

It was a great day!



Lunch In Huehuete

By 12h00 it was boiling! We decided to head to Frida’s, a rustic little restaurant we saw driving in.

The signage outside the restaurant
It’s a classy joint
They’re all about appearances
The restaurant faced the beach… The waves almost it the back wall.

After 2 beers on an empty stomach, I had a nice little buzz going. This time we branched out – Victoria Frost was our chosen drink!

Did I mention that I love their local beer?!

Finally we managed to find some authentic food in Huehuete – pretty sure my meal involved Platanos Maduros (fried sweet plantain). It was delicious.

Fajitas de Res – for Tyrone
Fajitas de Pollo – for me

On The Road Again…

Tyrone and I had carefully calculated the cost of everything as we ordered. We only had the 500Cordobas (around R250) and we still needed to catch a bus back home. Total cost of the meal – 440Cordobas for 2 meals, 4 beers and a bottle of water. Value for money, I say.

We handed over the note. After a few sentences in Spanish, we were beginning to understand that they didn’t have change… Now Huehuete is a tiny village, so the waiter ran down the road to try make a plan with another store. 10min later he came back with nothing.

Remember that nice buzz I mentioned, it disappeared. We were going to have to walk back home. Having done a walk previously, I knew what I was in for. Except this was no little trip down the road… We were TWO towns away from La Boquita.

But the restaurant owed us 60Cordobas and dammit, I was getting my money’s worth. So we got 3 apple juices to make up the difference and we hit the road.




The End Is Nigh

My feet were on fire. My thighs were rubbing together. Sweat was pouring off me… About 2 hours into the walk I just stopped talking. This sucked!

And can someone please explain why I thought 3 tiny bottles of apple juice would be better than water?

I’m pretty sure my earlier buzz had now developed into a full blown hangover.

Eventually we arrived back home.

You know how Olympic athletes cry after winning a gold medal? Well when we got home, that was me! I have never been so happy in all my life.

Needless to say, I will not be walking anywhere ever again… Ever!