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Teaching English, Pouring Rain and San Jose

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I’m gainfully employed! You’re reading the blog of a real-life English teacher living her life in Costa Rica. Boom!


Everyday Life In Costa Rica

Tyrone and I have been in San Jose for almost 4 weeks, and during that time I’ve been working for English2Go… They’re a company offering English classes to business professionals. I officially have 5 groups of students (ranging from beginner to intermediate), and I travel to 3 different organisations throughout San Jose.

So far it’s been great!

My opinion may start to change though… Morning classes have begun, which means I teach a class at 07h00 from Tuesday to Friday in the town of Tibas. I have to be up at 05h00 every morning so I can catch the 06h00 bus into town, before I catch the 06h30 bus to Tibas. I then have a short walk to the office. Life in Costa Rica may get a bit more challenging.

Just another bus I need to catch...
Just another bus I need to catch…
A little walk to my class in Tibas
A little walk to my class in Tibas

Catching Buses And Getting Lost

On an average day, I have to catch 4 buses to and from classes. On a busy day, I catch around 6 buses. With the amount of buses I catch, you would think I would have this shit nailed… You’d be wrong. Without fail, I will catch the wrong bus somewhere along the line. That will usually result in a 40 min walk guided by Google Maps.

It’s like the bus companies are trying to confuse you on purpose. Try going online to find a route map, or some sort of schedule… No seriously, go try! It just doesn’t exist.

Basically I identify the bus I need by colour. Yellow bus takes me home, Purple bus takes me to Tibas, Red bus takes me to Heredia and so on. And just when you think you have it nailed, you’ll take the Purple bus to Tibas and you’ll land up in a great neighbourhood about 30min away from where you need to be.

Let’s just say that the life in Costa Rica involves walking… A LOT!

And trying to recognize landmarks is impossible. In downtown San Jose, every street looks the same. There is always a McDonalds on the corner. You will undoubtedly find a pharmacy, shoe store, clothing store and vegetable shop on every street. I once got lost for an hour, and after walking aimlessly, I realised that I was back at the same place I had started.

It’s a fun little challenge I get to have with myself everyday… The “Where Will I Land Up Today” challenge.

At least there are some beautiful buildings like this one - the post office in San Jose!
At least there are some beautiful buildings like this one – the post office in San Jose!
This house is opposite the zoo… A little run down, but I loved it!

Just Another Downpour

If getting lost for hours isn’t fun enough, it’s now the rainy season which means that we get torrential rain every day.

The first thing I bought in San Jose was an umbrella.

Sure enough come 13h00, the heavens will open. Now imagine all that walking I have to do, but imagine me wet while I do it. One evening, at 18h00, I was walking home from class. It was pouring – like buckets! And a truck came driving by.  I kid you not, I was covered in water from about my waist down. Laptop, pants, shoes… everything was soaked. And I still had a good 20 min walk to go!

Dodge the umbrellas, or lose an eye!
Dodge the umbrellas, or lose an eye!

But on a serious note, I’m really enjoying my life in Costa Rica.

Don’t tell Tyrone, but we have a cute guy at a shop about 100m from where we’re staying. He can speak a bit of English and every time I pop in for my chocolate fix, he helps me try to speak Spanish. I love that man! Everyone is so friendly here. I really just love the vibe of the country. Tyrone and I are also slowly making friends… In fact, we’re heading to a cheese festival this weekend with a few fellow English teachers.

Life is not bad, not bad at all!

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