One Day On Ometepe Island

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A bus. A taxi. A ferry… That’s how you get to Ometepe Island! Located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, the island is made up of two volcanoes.  Tyrone and I thought we’d spend the day in the small town, and we absolutely loved it.

But first we had to get there…

We caught a bus from San Juan Del Sur to Rivas, then a taxi from Rivas to a small port – San Jorge – before we hopped on a ferry to Moyogalpa, the largest village on Ometepe.

The Cost Of Traveling To Ometepe Island

Bus from San Juan Del Sur to Rivas – 25Cordobas
Private Taxi from Rivas (UNO gas station) to San Jorge – 50Cordobas [you could do a shared taxi for around 20Cordobas]
Ferry from San Jorge to Moyogalpa – 50Cordobas

Port San Jorge

We arrived at San Jorge at 11h00, and the next ferry was only set to leave at 14h30… Rather than waiting around, we decided to catch a lift with one of the smaller boats that was set to leave at 12h30 for only 35Cordobas.

We had some time to kill, so we got a quick drink. This was the BEST orange juice we’ve ever tasted! Its freshly squeezed right in front of you.

Oranges peeled, cut and juiced while you wait!
Pour the juice into a small packet with ice and boom, job done!
The look of pure satisfaction…

Before long, our ferry was ready! It’s not as big or fancy as the usual ferry, but it got us there…


Note to self, do NOT sit at the back of the ferry! We got covered in black smoke and bits of coal.

An hour later, when we disembarked, we were black! I had to do a quick wash in a restaurant bathroom…

This is us trying to dodge the black smoke on the ferry.

As soon as we stepped off the ferry, I loved the town! It’s so clean and colourful… I just really loved the vibe!

Spot the volcano!
The colourful streets of Ometepe

We planned to catch the 4pm ferry back to San Jorge, so we only have about 3hours on Ometepe Island – we decided that we would grab some lunch and walk around the town.

The best ham and cheese crepe for me…
Banana and Nutella crepe for Tyrone…

Next time we visit, we’ll go all out and rent a scooter to travel Ometepe Island.



So far, this little island has been my favourite part of Nicaragua!

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