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A Day Trip To Playa Jaco

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In an effort to get out and explore a bit more of Costa Rica, we headed to Playa Jaco. It’s the closest beach – only 2 hrs away from San Jose.

Bus driver travelling to Playa Jaco
Front row seats…

Getting To Play Jaco

There are a few ways to get to Playa Jaco, but the cheapest is certainly by bus.

Terminal 7/10 is the  bus station we usually use and it’s located in San Jose:

  • Diagonal to the old Lebanon Cinema.
  • A few blocks from Central Avenue – between Calle 10 and Calle

The price for a one-way ticket is C 2335 (which is under $5), so you’re looking to spend about $10 for a return ticket. You can buy your tickets online, or you can purchase them at the ticket counter in the station.

The bus schedule has regular trips to and from Playa Jaco every day of the week.

Playa Jaco Timetable

You need to be at the station around 45min before your bus is set to depart.

If you’re quite a big group, you may be able to score a few deals with the taxi drivers waiting outside the station.

On our last trip to Jaco the going rate for the taxi was about $40 – if you’re splitting it between 4, it may make more sense to go this route. It’s certainly much quicker (only just over an hour and half by car).

At Playa Jaco

It was so good to just sit back, relax and have a cool dip in the ocean.

San Jose can get a bit miserable. With the higher altitude, it tends to be a bit cooler than the coastal areas, with a ton of rain. It was great to defrost, and remember why we’re doing this… To live life!

Playa Jaco

There are a ton of great restaurants and cafes near the beach, but you can always pack a few snacks to enjoy on the beach.

If you’d prefer not to sit on the sand you can hire a plastic beach chairs for around C5000  ($10) for two. This amount includes a full day rental, shorter rental periods are also available.

Be sure to walk up and down the beach to get the best rate.

The price for beach chairs does fluctuate depending on who you ask.

After a full day in the sun, we were happy to head home. I’m already looking forward to planning the next little adventure.

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