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San Jose and Flamingo Beach Resort – Mom’s In Town!

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If you know me, then you know I’m mad about my mother… I freaking LOVE that woman. She came down to Costa Rica for 14 days, and I really wanted her to have a great time. We decided to combine a city stay in San Jose with an island getaway at Flamingo Beach Resort.

Exploring San Jose

The thing about Costa Rica is its crazy expensive, so I was stressed about what to do. There’s a ton of activities – zip lining, volcano visits, coffee tours, mountain hikes etc… Just go search “Costa Rica” on Pinterest and you’ll see everything! It’s amazing, but it’s ridiculously overpriced. There are no tours for less than $100/person. When I start multiplying that by three, our activity options are drastically reduced. Of course the Rand/Dollar exchange rate doesn’t help.

So we didn’t do many “official” tours, but Tyrone and I acted as tour guides and did a walk through town, visited some of our favourite restaurants and shopping malls.

San Jose Avendida Central
Found along Avendida Central – I have no idea about the story behind the statue but everyone should rub her boobs! Did I mention I was a great tour guide?
San Jose City Centre
Tyrone and I standing by “creepy people” statue… That’s obviously the official name for the statues. Trust me, I’m a tour guide.

We made sure my mom tried all the local foods and beer. I love gallo pinto (rice and beans), patacones, nachos, arroz con pollo, frijoles… My mom, not so much. I believe her words were “bland and tasteless”. But hey, the beer got a thumbs up!

Flamingo Beach Resort

After a few days in San Jose, we headed to Guanacaste, Flamingo Beach to be exact! Our hotel – Flamingo Beach Resort – was all inclusive and for 5 days we didn’t move. It was gorgeous!

Flamingo Beach Resort
Flamingo Beach Resort – beautiful!

We tried water aerobics and zumba, but mainly our days were spent at the poolside bar. They made this great cocktail called The Green Monster. Hmmmm, such fond memories.

Working out in the pool at Flamingo Beach Resort
Look at us, being all active!

The sunsets each evening were amazing. Of course, Tyrone and I haven’t had access to a TV for 9 months, so trying to get me out of the hotel room at night was quite a hassle. But once I was out, it was worth it.

The sunset at Flamingo Beach Resort
The beautiful beaches of Guanacaste.

My Mom’s Opinion

SAN JOSE – Everything you’re looking for when you’re travelling overseas – great vibe, very interesting sights, you feel safe. Noisy traffic and constant blowing of hooters was an irritation.

GUANACASTE – If I was looking for paradise I would move here.

OVERALL – Loved my time in Costa Rice, loved having my own personal tour guides. Could I live in Costa Rica? No.

If you want to find out more info about Flamingo Beach Resort visit:

Also, I would recommend actually paying for tours…

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