San Juan Del Sur – Cabanas Lobo Lira

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Shit just got real!
That’s exactly what I thought when we pulled up to our new accommodation – Cabanas Lobo Lira.

After spending the past few weeks in La Boquita, a small fishing village, we had finally arrived in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua’s most popular vacation destination, and I had high hopes!

Since I had chosen our accommodation in La Boquita, it was Tyrone’s turn to pick our next stop. The only requirements: all accommodation must have WiFi and it’s got to be affordable.

This is where we would be staying for the next 7 days.

Cabanas Lobo Lira – La Cueva

Cabanas Lobo Lira – The Outside Gate
Our new accommodation at Cabanas Lobo Lira
Our unit is on the far right (under the balcony)

I just started laughing – that hysterical, crazy woman kind of laugh. Our unit at Cabanas Lobo Lira is called “La Cueva”, meaning “The Cave”. First of all, this should have been a red flag. On the website it’s described as a “former stockroom that has been converted into a cosy apartment”. Another red flag.


“Cosy” is a cute word for “ridiculously tiny”, or “so small Tyrone can’t stand upright”.

There are no windows, and the walls are covered in black slate giving it this creepy dark look.

Now I didn’t know if they were just rolling with the whole “cave” theme, but the cupboards were covered in spider webs and everything seemed to have a nice thin layer of dust.

Our dimly lit bedroom… So “cosy”!

Someone decided that placing the shower above the toilet was a good idea – you can literally take a shit and have a shower at the same time.

My feet get wet every time I pee – thanks to the water left behind after a shower.

Spiders, Ants and Black Outs

While we were trying to pack away a few groceries, Tyrone pulled out a knife and accidentally disturbed a colony of ants. I’m talking massive ants running everywhere. A small spider had even set up a little home in one of the pots. It was like no one had stayed in this place for months, but hell, I don’t blame them.

When we arrived San Juan Del Sur was in a total black out, and we had just had the first rains since November. As a result, I was pretty bleak. Tyrone, ever the optimist, described the unit as “cute”. I just carried on laughing hysterically.

A few days have passed since that first night, and I’m slowly feeling better about the place. But we’ll still find new accommodation in the next few days, although I don’t hate it here in the little cave. Like most things in Nicaragua, it’s kinda growing on me.

On the bright side, there’s a good view!

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