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Hello San Pedro

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It’s been almost 3 months since my last update, and there have been quite a few changes for us. The biggest change so far… Moving to San Pedro, Costa Rica.

Our New Neighbourhood

So we got out of the hood, and headed toward the varsity town of San Pedro in Costa Rica. If you’re travelling by bus , it’s about 20min outside of the city center. We’re surrounded by university campuses, restaurants and cafes. Hell, there’s even a mall nearby. Definitely a step up from Calle Blancos. It’s pretty perfect.

Skyline of San Pedro, Costa Rica
The view from our balcony

There’s really only one teeny tiny problem… The traffic noise!

Sweet lord, it can get so loud sometimes. We’re also around the corner from a little club, so if we’re not hearing wheel spins and exhausts, we’re listening to kids screaming.

If you’re considering San Pedro, Costa Rica as a possible neighbourhood to settle down in, I would suggest you stay away from any houses or apartments facing the main street. If you’re a few blocks away, the noise dies down considerably.

Its official…I am now old! Complaining about the noise, ugh.

On the bright side, we have a little pastry shop around the corner from our apartment. I mean, what more does a girl need.

Pastry shop in San Pedro, Costa Rica
My one-stop-shop for breakfast and lunch

Dry Days Are Here Again

In other good news, the rainy season is finally over.

Being damp constantly is pretty shitty. One day, I forgot my umbrella at home… Bad day! Bad bad day! I was soaked, and travelling in a bus while dripping is really not fun. Also, on two separate occasions, my umbrella just broke. One minute it’s working, and the next springs are flying in different directions while I’m stuck getting drenched.

Rain on the streets of Costa Rica
It’s impossible to get a pic of the torrential rain… But here’s an idea of what it’s like.

But now those lovely afternoon showers are a thing of the past. The mornings and evenings are a little chilly, but most of the day is pretty beautiful.


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