Saying Goodbye Before We Jet Off To Nicaragua

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My last week in South Africa was surreal. The entire time I didn’t feel like I was leaving. Saying goodbye wasn’t even difficult, it was normal – like “see you later”… The kind of goodbye we would always say after dinner or a coffee catch-up.

Friends would keep asking if we were ready, did we have everything sorted, are we excited… Honestly, it felt like I was going to Durban for a week long break.

Leaving my mom was a bit harder… Tyrone and I had been living with her while we were renting out our apartments and trying to save every little bit of cash we had. She was not taking our leaving very well, rather than cry like most mothers would, she got angry… I got the silent treatment for 3 days, before she admitted that she was sad to see us go and worried about life without us.

It’s going to be tough, she’s my best friend! But I know she’s a strong woman and she’ll be just fine.
The thing I’m missing the most right now is my mom’s one dog – Honey! It’s so strange… I love dogs, but not in a touchy feely kind of way (I have bad allergies). Honey can drive you mad. She is by far the most annoying dog you’ll meet. She’s so energetic, she jumps, she barks, and she has an unhealthy obsession with her ball – but I miss her sooooo much!

This is Honey... Waiting for someone to throw her ball.
This is Honey… Waiting for someone to throw her ball.

Really strange the things we miss the most…

I made sure that my dad dropped us off at the airport… He’s a man’s man! I knew there would be no tears or sad goodbyes; rather a quick kiss and a hug and we were on our way. There’s no way I  wanted to be that crazy lady crying on the plane. I wanted to focus on the adventure ahead of us and be excited!

My dad didn’t disappoint… He kept my mind busy on the way to the airport (do you know his new car has done over 400km on half a tank of petrol), and he made us laugh while he harassed the airport staff. When we got into a pickle with our luggage, he ran around helping out… He totally saved our asses!

Right now, its 8am in Nicaragua… I’m missing home, but I wouldn’t say I’m homesick just yet!

We’re going to go explore the area; you can expect another update soon.

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  1. Your blog will keep me close to you and Tyrone. I will beable to monitor your two activities as a good dad is expected to do. Franky my dog is missing you already. What must you always remember ??….is that I love you. I remember when you were on 702 radio station I use to wake up to your voice and I would say that my girl. Now I have to wait for your blog updates. You been my special little girl mwah.

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