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Secret Getaways in South Africa

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Spontaneous luxury breaks just became more exciting with the launch of the website Secret Getaway. A unique online accommodation booking platform that only reveals the name of the hotel once the purchase has been made.

I know what you’re thinking… This is crazy, right? That’s exactly what I thought when I found it… I like control, I like planning and I especially like knowing what I’m paying for. But, I’ve got to admit – the benefits might just outweigh my worrying tendencies.

Members sign up, choose the area, the time frame they’d like to stay, and the level of luxury they’d love to experience. Brand conscious hotels can retain their exclusive reputation by not publicly offering a discounted rate whilst members stand the chance of getting a one-of-kind, exclusive offer for some of the most iconic hotels in their city and surrounds.

Why Choose Secret Getaway?

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Secret Getaway is designed for the travellers who dream of jumping in their car and seeing where the road leads them. The adventure of the escape starts before they have even left their desk.

The property selection on the website constantly updates and some properties release one room, others a full suite of offers.

All secret hotels are carefully selected with TripAdvisor reviews over 80% positive.

Members get to experience being tourists in their own town with a luxury lottery where the odds are always in their favour. They are presented with accurate descriptions, room photos of the hotel and perhaps they can guess which Top Secret Property. The clues are there after all: the star grading, the surrounding neighbourhood of the property; the room type and the star grading are all clearly stated. It is just the name that is hidden until post-purchase.

Secret Getaway Member Options

If the fear of not knowing is too much, members can select one of the revealed hotels or villas available. This unique concept puts the thrill back into discovering new places – and offers members the opportunity to uncover hotels they may never have considered before.

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