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Spanish Lessons In Johannesburg

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Did I mention the downside to moving to Nicaragua? SPANISH! And that means Spanish Lessons.

Initially, when Tyrone and I were deciding what country we wanted to move to, I was adamant that English needed to be one of the official languages (at the very least, it should be widely spoken throughout the country). I really believe that moving your whole life to a new country is hard enough without the added challenge of learning a new language.

I should also mention that I’m really bad at languages. Having studied Afrikaans for 10 years, I can barely string a sentence together.

But then we discovered Nicaragua, and it was perfect – except for the whole No-English thing. So we had to make a decision…

Off to Spanish Lessons we went!

Spanish Beginners Course Certificate
Spanish Beginners Course Certificate

Spanish Lessons At The Spanish Academy of South Africa

After a 15 min phone conversation with Slade Frank, I was sold!

We booked our free demo lesson for 18 January. When we pulled up to his house, there was this mountain of a man waiting for us. Tattoos covered every piece of skin I could see – chest, neck, head, arms… Everywhere!

I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy killed people in his spare time, while juggling the demands of being a drug lord. He was scary looking and this was our teacher, Slade.

5 min later, we were sitting in Slade’s classroom going over the basic course structure. He takes a layered approach to learning and once you’ve got the basics covered, he builds on each layer until you have a grasp of basic conversational Spanish.

He’s all about “conversational generosity”… Get people to like you, and they’ll want to help you.

Since group classes only began in February, we decided to opt for private lessons. We could setup the 12 week course around our schedules – and since we didn’t have 12 weeks before we left, we could do 2 lessons a week until the course was finished.

He’s the best teacher! Patient, understanding and hilarious. He made us feel like we were the smartest students he’s ever worked with… All part of his plan to get us to enjoy our classes and it worked!

12 weeks later, we’ve finished off the course… Job done! We’ve got the basics nailed down and while I’m still nervous about the language barrier, I think we’ve at least got a solid foundation to work from.

Watch a short video on The Spanish Academy

Not only did Slade run great classes, he went above and beyond… He even gave us Rumba lessons at the end of each class. He firmly believed that there’s no way 2 gringos could go to Central America and not know how to dance!

If you’re thinking of learning Spanish, you definitely want to give The Spanish Academy a call and if you’re not in Johannesburg download his e-book for free.

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