A weekend in San Juan Del Sur

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The view of San Juan Del Sur

Our 3 months in Costa Rica have flown by, and we’ve recently just finished our very first Visa Run. We opted to head to Nicaragua, and the small beach town of San Juan Del Sur.

We’re only legally allowed to stay in Costa Rica for 90 days on our Tourist Visa. Once those 90 days are up, you have to leave the country for a minimum of 72 hours before you’re able to return again.

Tyrone and I contemplated heading to Panama, but we heard some horror stories about border control on that end, so for our first run we headed back to Nicaragua.

Sick In San Juan Del Sur

I think my body hates that little stretch of beach. As I crossed the border, I seemed to catch a cold. I was tired, I had a stuffy nose, and weird aches and pains. All of this in 32 degree heat… FUN!

Luckily finding a pharmacy is super easy in San Juan Del Sur. There seems to be one on every corner.

The language barrier is still a problem, but we’ve found the most pharmacists have a basic understanding of English.

Either that, or my hand signs are really improving.

But we did manage to have a great weekend regardless.

Booze Cruise And Catch Of The Day

The highlight was definitely the sunset booze cruise we did on the Saturday evening. We met some great people, swam in the middle of the ocean and drank rum cocktails. One of the guys we met on the booze cruise managed to catch a fish, and he invited us out for dinner to enjoy his catch of the day.

If you’re traveling to San Juan Del Sur, you’ll find that the food in the restaurants are great!

It’s certainly better than some of our meals in Costa Rica. Almost all the restaurants accept dollars and there’s always a friendly waiter that can speak English.

Of course, being a tourist town, the prices are higher than other areas.

Best booze cruise ever…

Then before we knew it, we were heading back to Costa Rica. Next time, we might head to Granada for a bit of city life. I’ve heard great reviews of the town, and I definitely think I need to explore Nicaragua a bit more.


  1. I am leaving Playa samara after two months here. Yes!, worried about the border crossing…worried is my MO. I’m a grandma with a walking stick (damaged leg tendons healing in this nurturing sauna that is Costa Rica. My son is a chef in San Juan del Sur and I am going there to meet him (with more luggage than I should have, but my plans to go to Lake Aranal to stay with friends fell thru, so am waaay overpacked!)
    Ever hopeful, as you say…what kind of assistance can I look forward to at the border gong into Nica??? I leave on a Tica Bus manana at dawn…oy vey.

  2. What if any assistance can a grandmum with a walking stick (and very sore legs from an injury which is healing look forward to whilst crossing the border from CR to Nica??? I am on Tica Bus, thankfully, and leave tomorrow morning.

    Worried, as always, but hopeful cuz it doesn’t do any good to be otherwise…!

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