Well hello Managua…

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It is our last weekend in La Boquita and before we head off to San Juan Del Sur, we thought we’d pop into Nicaragua’s capital city – Managua.

Managua is about 2 hours away from La Boquita, and you need to catch 2 busses/taxis to get there. We caught a bus from La Boquita to Diriamaba, and then a taxi from Diriamba to Managua.

I should clarify, by taxi I mean a minbus taxi rather that your standard taxi cab. They’re pretty standard in South Africa, but can be a bit intimidating (or downright terrifying) if you’re not used to traveling in them.

Rather than seeing sites in town, we were desperate to visit the mall – Metrocentro. Judge us all you like, we’re not ashamed.



The Metrocentro in Managua

The city is pretty big, but as luck would have it, the Metrocentro was just around the corner from the taxi drop off area.

It was HEAVEN! Oh how I’ve missed air-conditioning, and fast food and milkshakes!


For our trip around the mall, energy is a must – we needed to eat. Naturally, we tried some local food – jokes! Burger King all the way baby!



Once we were all filled up, we had a walk around the mall. The store are pretty standard, so you’ll be able to find a range of international products. Before we left, we grabbed a milkshake and then hit the road.

I know what you’re thinking. Four hours of travel, just for a burger and milkshake in a shopping mall. I have no regrets, in fact I would do it all again.

It was great to get out of the rustic down of La Boquita and into Managua.


Right now we have a few more days to enjoy La Boquita before we have to catch more buses to San Juan Del Sur.


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